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Excellence In Acting
Tony Todd
Genre legend Tony Todd was presented with a special festival award for his outstanding contributions to the current and past NYC Horror Film Festival films; “I.O.U., Eyes Of Samir, Shadow: Dead Riot, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the Masters Of Horror episode “Valerie on the Stairs”, directed by Mick Garris . This award highlights Mr. Todd’s “Excellence In Acting” in both studio and independent films. No other actor (living or dead) has ever matched Mr. Todd’s sheer talent and courage as a major Hollywood actor with stellar performances in blockbusters like Platoon, The Rock, Final Destination, The Crow and of course Candyman (among many others) Mr. Todd is always eager to give an opportunity to talented independent Director, Producer or Writer. So, thank you Tony Todd, we all owe you a debt and congratulations on the award, you deserve it!

The films of the 2006 NYC Horror Film Festival

Casket Climber Insect God directed by Brian Lonano
13 Ways To Die At Home directed by Lee Lanier
No Second Chances directed by Rafael De Leon, Jr.
Kisses directed by Dominic Traverzo
Dear Sweet Emma directed by John Cernak
The Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker directed by Steffan Schulz
The Faeries Of Blackheath Woods directed by Ciaran Foy

Rogairi directed by Tom Cosgrove
Happy Birthday 2 U directed by David Alcade
Deadly Tantrum directed by Mike Mort
FEATURE – The Lost directed by Chris Sivertson

The Thing About Bannon’s Lookout directed by Patrick Rea / Kendall Sinn
Eyes Of Samir directed by Kevin Shulman
Witchwise directed by Joe Harris
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll… directed by John Carl Buechler

Mime Massacre directed by Colin Decker
The Listening Dead directed by Phil Mucci
Penny Dreadful directed by Bryan Norton
Zombie (Non-Comp) directed by Lucio Fulci
No Signal directed by Andrew Sterling
Popsy directed by Brian Haynes
Eddie Loves You directed by Karl Holt
Masters Of Horror – The Damned Thing directed by Tobe Hooper

The Tell Tale Heart directed by Raul Garcia
The Pod directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Mother directed by Chris Gormley
FEATURE – Fingerprints directed by Harry Basil

Rien Ne Van Plus directed by Andreas Schaap
The Need directed by Chris Young
Bad Water directed by J.Maurer
FEATURE – Rapturious directed by Kamal Ahmed

Redwood Forest directed by RJ Weyant
Raven Gets A Life directed by Devi Snively
Itsy Bitsy directed by David May
Ice Cream Ants directed by Jeremy Carr


Reverie directed by RJ Weyant
Thorazine directed by Jason Hooper
Woman’s Intuition directed by Patrick Rea
FEATURE – The Marsh directed by Jordan Barker

Story Of The Dead directed by Emre Olcayto
Delirium And The Dollman directed by Andrew Lobel
Recently Deceased directed by Chris McInroy

Panelists include Michael Gingold, Bill Lustig, Joe Bob Briggs, Jeff Lieberman and more
Where’s Julie directed by Stephen J. Hadden
Oculus directed by Mike Flanagan
Binding Silence directed by Ray Zablocki
FEATURE – The Entrance directed by Damon Vignale

Grace directed by Paul Solet
Puppeteer directed by Guido Toelke
Ghost Town directed by Tai Logsdon
FEATURE – Last Rites Of The Dead directed by Marc Fratto


NYC Horror Film Festival
158 Arthur Street
Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642



NYC Horror Film Festival
158 Arthur Street
Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642






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